Aims and Vision

Godalming Junior School provides a secure and caring atmosphere which encourages the children to learn in an attractive, rich and stimulating environment. At the heart of what we do is providing a LANGUAGE RICH and VALUES BASED education.

We provide a broad, ambitious and purposeful curriculum, which enables us to recognise the needs of individual children and their differing abilities and interests. Wherever possible, learning takes place through practical, first hand experiences focusing on developing real skills that can be used in a variety of interesting and challenging topic based contexts.

We seek to establish and maintain open and positive relationships between home and school and encourage parents to become actively involved in their child's learning


Our School Aims

At Godalming Junior School we foster a love of learning under 3 headings:

Love - "Article 31 - Every child has a right to relax and play"
  • Fostering self-worth, self respect and a feeling of well-being
  • Empowering children to respond positively to challenges and responsibilities
  • Recognising individual talents and skills
  • Developing an ability to make choices and understand consequences
  • Fostering and encouraging a love and thirst for knowledge
Live - "Article 19 - Every child has a right to feel safe"
  • Preparing children to fulfil a positive role in society through understanding our rights and responsibilities
  • Encouraging and appreciating the benefits of diversity
  • Celebrating and understanding our own culture and traditions and those of others
  • Fostering a strong sense of worth in the local and wider community
  • Understanding our responsibility for protecting the environment
  • Preparing today's children to live in tomorrow's world
Learn - "Article 28 - Every child has a right to an education"
  • Cherishing the enjoyment of learning
  • Developing enquiring minds that can process, reason, question and evaluate
  • Equipping the children with essential knowledge and skills
  • Celebrating creativity, resilience, problem solving, perseverance and commitment
  • Understanding our own learning and recognising that we are all learners
  • Appreciating the full value of school education by attending as often as possible in order to be successful