Year 6

UKSA - Day 1
After a smooth crossing across the Solent and down the Medina, the children orientated themselves at UKSA immediately! Once finding out their groups, their 'dorm-mates' for the week and their UKSA instructors, they had wet-suits on and were competing against each other in the UKSA Raft Building Challenge! Whilst there is nobody at the local ship building yard in imminent danger of losing their job to someone in Year 6 at GJS, each group made a valiant effort and were busy trying to tie logs, to barrels, to paddle boards...with interesting results!
All children had a great time, literally threw themselves into the activity, supported each other and produced some fantastically average 'rafts'! After the obligatory 'Pontoon Jump'  it was then off the water for showers and dinner before setting off for their evening activities of crabbing, archery and some team games. 
We now look forward to tomorrow and our first full day of activities on the water. Before you can say 'Point Break' the children will immersing themselves into Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Dinghy Sailing and Surfing! 
The children have been superb so far absorbing a lot of information, supporting each other and being incredibly respectful towards whoever they meet! 
More news and updates tomorrow 'me' hearties'!
UKSA - Day 2
As we awoke to glorious sunshine and the promise of a wonderful day of activities, it was off to breakfast to load up on energy, very much needed for a busy day on the water. It was then off to Sandown for giant paddle board games and surfing whilst others took to the Kayaks! After a brief stop for lunch it was back out on the open water for more fun and frolics with Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the UKSA menu!
Then it was time for a short rest, a quick room tidy and then off to dinner with the tidiest of rooms having the privilege of being first in the dinner queue, an entitlement that seems to be worth more than 1000 house points! 
It was then time to engage in the evening array of activities involving parachute games and time in the indoor UKSA swimming pool. 
Once again, the children have been a real credit to the school, have shown fantastic perseverance in facing their fears and have supported each other superbly throughout the day, even sharing this evening before bedtime, examples of CONFIDENCE in others that has been witnessed today. This is what the trip to UKSA is all about!
UKSA - Day 3
Another morning of sunshine meant there was optimism a plenty on our final full day at UKSA! The children once again applied themselves superbly putting on wet suits, buoyancy aids, helmets, splash tops and wet shoes ready for the day ahead. 
First up there was kayaking with fun and games galore for all. After kayaking down the Medina it was time for 'domination', 'kayak yoga' and everyone's favourite 'wobble wars'. Meanwhile, it was 'evolution',  'sharks v minnows' and 'team relays' for the stand up paddle boarders. Our first crew of dinghy sailers departed and before you could say 'Ellen MacArthur' the children were 'tacking' and 'jibing'. It was then time for lunch and a quick turnaround before another group set off for Sandown for their surfing stint!
Finally, after dinner it was time for a movie to relax and reflect on their week together. There have been so many successes and the level of INDEPENDENCE on show this week, after a steep learning curve in being in the right place, in the right kit at the right time, has been so impressive. They have all gained so much CONFIDENCE in all activities, how to cope with being away from home, how to manage relationships and generally supporting each other. Once again, the children have been amazing to be away with and as we set off tomorrow, we all hope the children reflect fondly on their time here at UKSA and are able to talk about this shared experience for the rest of the year and beyond!
We are aiming to be back at GJS for around 3.00pm and hope there are willing helpers getting luggage off the coach outside Harry's. We will be keeping the office updated on our progress and if there are any changes there will be a banner message on the school website.