Year 6

UKSA 2018 - Day 1 - Headteacher's Log
After a smooth journey to Gunwharf Quays 'Team Green' boarded the Jenny Boat to UKSA Central! The boat trip across the Solent and down the Medina to UKSA took just under an hour in the glorious sunshine and was made more entertaining with the sight of a Spitfire 'fly-by'. On arrival the children were taken through an orienteering exercise familiarising themselves with what will be home for the next 4 nights! And before you could say 'Ellen MacArthur' the children were in wet suits, buoyancy  aids, safety helmets, wet shoes and on the water taking part in team games and pontoon jumps!
Bed making was next on the agenda which proved to be one of the most entertaining parts of the day for the staff!! EVENTUALLY beds were made, bags unpacked and toiletries aligned! It was then time for dinner and evening activities consisting of Human Board Games.
Tomorrow will sure to be a fun filled day with the children's first full day of activities!
UKSA 2018 - Day 2 - Headteacher's Log
After a good nights sleep by...most, the children were up for an early hearty breakfast to energise them for the day ahead. The children put their orienteering skills to the test first of all and had to solve a number of riddles including:
True story: A white horse jumped over a tower and landed on a priest who then disappeared, explain how this was possible...
The day activities finished with 'Wet Games' including 'Over/Under', 'Pontoon Hoops', 'Gladiator Duel' and 'Tightrope'. 
Once out of wet suits, the children were then in to dinner where, once again, UKSA staff commented on how polite and courteous our school were when being served!!
Finally, to finish off an exhausting and fun-packed day, the children took part in crabbing and the famous 'Egg Drop' activity. 
Tomorrow promises to be another 'SUPer' day!
UKSA 2018 - Day 3 - Headteacher's Log
When I awoke this morning there was not a peep to be heard for ANY of the rooms in Invincible which just went to show how busy the previous day was! As the children gradually stirred and the smell of breakfast wafted through the centre, the children were up and at it ready for another day full of activities. As the wind picked up and the clouds moved moodily overhead, the children put their SUP skills to the test and their raft making talents into practice! Needless to say that it was going to be a wet morning!
The children stopped for lunch but then it wasn't long before some of the children had to hot foot, or bus, it to Sandown Beach and before you could say 'Hawaii 5-0' the children were 'Body Boarding' the afternoon away and riding the waves! Meanwhile, back at UKSA central more children were having a SUPer time playing a number of different games!
After another hearty and delicious meal, the children took to the 'cinema' for film night to round off another 'UKSAlent' day! 
UKSA 2018 - Day 4 - Headteacher's Log
The grey clouds did not dampen the spirits of the children as they woke for their last FULL day of activities at UKSA base! Another hearty breakfast in the bank and the children were in the water once again raft building, kayaking and body boarding! 
After lunch it was change over time as the groups swapped round activities. Though the windy conditions proved to be a challenge, there were plenty of body boarding skills on show as the children rode the waves expertly as if they were straight off the set of Point Break!
Then it dawned on the group that they were leaving tomorrow and set about beginning to pack for home! (boo-boo)
To finish off their last evening in the Isle of Wight the children went crabbing and took part in human board games! It will be an early start tomorrow as the children head back to Godalming after their last activity in the morning and hopping on the Jenny Boat back to Gunwharf! 
What a 'krayaking' week we have had!