Year 6

UKSA 2017 - Day 1
Warm weather welcomed Year 6 to the Isle of Wight after a smooth crossing on the Jenny Boat from Gunwharf Quays. Children then took part in a series of team building games whilst getting to know the UKSA site and the staff who will be instructing them this week. The children were allocated their kit, had a hearty meal, took part in archery and then settled down to a good night sleep. They will be needing their rest as tomorrow they will be Dinghy Sailing and working together to help sail the Keel Boats; the larger boats in the UKSA fleet!
UKSA 2017 - Day 2
The children awoke bright eyed and bushy haired ready for their first full day of water activities in very pleasant conditions. The children enjoyed a delightful breakfast with Luka giving the options available "10 out of 10" - High praise indeed! Then the children had to 'gear up' ready for their Dinghy Sailing and Keel Boating. They all took to the activities, quite literally, like fish to water and were sailing, paddling, steering, tacking and ... capsizing before you could say "Captain Sparrow".
There was a quick lunch break then the children swapped activities. Once off the water the children were then subjected to their 3rd room inspection of the trip before dinner in an effort to earn as many 'Wight Points' as possible. At dinner time the children again excelled in being polite, patient and respectful (so much so that the children have already received praise from the Head Chef about their all round conduct in the dining room). The children now turn their attention to tomorrow to show off their body boarding and stand up paddle boarding (or SUP for those in the know) skills! 
UKSA 2017 - Day 3
With their first full day of activities under their belts it was a noticeably quieter night on the Endeavour floor. The morning was full of activity as 3 groups had to have breakfast, get ready and board a coach (by 8.30am) to take them to Body Boarding central at Compton Bay to catch the waves and before you could say "Point Break" the children were riding the crests. The only thing missing was the Beach Boys soundtrack! Once back at UKSA base and after lunch it was then the turn of 2 other groups to show their 'wave riding' skills whilst the rest 'SUPed'. The children then had some 'free' time to shower, chat, Uno, read and reflect before yet another room inspection where further 'Wight Points' were handed out. The rigorous criteria set out by Miss Holcombe and Mr Poole has kept the children on their toes from day 1 and the bed making skills have been an impressive sight with one room scoring 9.5/10 tonight thanks to their 'crease free' sheets!
This evening the year group took part in a crabbing activity which proved to be very fruitful or 'crabful' with 'Leonardo da Pinchy' the best name given to the little decapod crustaceans!*
Once again the children were reminded of what they will be enjoying tomorrow when they will be raft building, kayaking and dinghy sailing!
(* No crab was hurt in the making of this activity and Leonardo da Pinchy was released into the wild of the Medina River unscathed)
UKSA 2017 - Day 4
The children began their final full day with the same energy, enthusiasm and determination that has optimised the whole trip! They were not to be deterred by the overcast conditions as that is simply not the GJS way!
The first part of the day saw groups take part in dinghy sailing and raft building with the end results so good and sturdy that even Robinson Crusoe would have given an approving nod and stroke of his beard! All groups worked so well together, supporting each other and cheering one another on which was so nice to see. It was then time for lunch before groups swapped over and the kayaks were brought out to the theme of Hawaii Five-0...well, not quite. After a brief tutorial the children were once again chomping on the bit to get on the water and show off their kayaking skills. After dinner the children took part in their final evening activity of the trip and then they were made aware of the arrangements for 'change-over day'. 
The children have been an absolute pleasure to be with this week and witnessing how well they have worked together, overcome challenges and generally shown all round RESILIENCE has been such a delight to see. They have followed instructions, listened carefully, shown respect to all instructors and have literally thrown themselves into ALL the activities. They have done themselves and the school proud and has set up the rest of the year so nicely!
Please find below two documents containing exemplars of children's work that are 'Meeting End of Year Expectations for Year 6'. The children's exemplars start on Page 10 of each document.