Our Curriculum

At Godalming Junior School we believe that the children should be exposed to a genuinely bespoke curriculum that engages, challenges and stimulates ALL children. Every effort is made to ensure the provision is the best it can be and we regularly review the curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose and is relevant. We achieve this by carrying out regular monitoring checks on the curriculum such as senior leaders within the school looking at planning, books, dropping into lessons and talking to the children.
Curriculum INTENT
It is the schools intent to ensure the curriculum is broad, creative and balanced by delivering all subjects over the course of the week. We believe that though success in English and Maths are integral to education, we consider ALL subjects form a fundamental part of the learning journey for children at Godalming Junior School. We have designated learning areas for Music, Art and DT, PE and Food Technology which further emphasises the importance of the children accessing the full breadth of the primary curriculum. Our PSHE curriculum is a unique strength of the school and further provides the children with key life skills and is closely aligned to our school values. A robust and values based approach to our PSHE curriculum ensures that, along with the rest of the curricular areas, the school prepares the children well for life outside the school gates and for the next chapter in their education. The formal subjects we teach are:
Art and DT
Humanities (including Geography, History and RE)
The curriculum is taught by highly skilled, flexible, creative and committed staff who put a huge amount of effort and time to ensure ALL areas of the curriculum are taught to a high standard. We also pride ourselves on the outstanding learning behaviours of our children who readily contribute and play an active role in their learning which is nurtured by the adults in the school. Alongside our curriculum we run our '10richment' programme of theme weeks throughout the year. Introduced in 2018, we have 10 theme weeks to develop further the soft skills in the children and expose them to the 'hidden' curriculum. This has proven to be very popular and successful in exposing the children to the wider world and promotes an appreciation to the extraordinary diversity of the world around us and it's people. This year our theme weeks are:
These weeks encourage staff to bring the curriculum to life by any means they feel is appropriate. This may involve trips or inviting visitors into school and generally being creative by linking these themes to areas of their curriculum e.g. Hero Week may result in a class researching the life of a local resident who does a lot of work for charity, a person who made a significant impact to society such as Mary Seacole, or a discussion in PSHE about the definition of Hero and its meanings.
Curriculum IMPACT
We regularly assess the impact of our curriculum by again, looking at books, monitoring planning and talking to the children about their view on the curriculum. The children are very positive about their school (over 90% of children stating they enjoy coming to school - Pupil Survey 2018). Senior Leaders meet regularly to discuss curriculum matters, where strengths lie and where improvements need to be made. We have also seen an upward trend in our end of year attainment in Year 6 (children achieving the expected level in English and Maths 2017-66%, 2018-77% and 2019-82%). We feel the broad curriculum and the 10richment programme in place at Godalming Junior School contributes significantly to this upward trend and provides the children with a comprehensive learning experience so that they learn to LOVE the people around them and treat each other with respect, LIVE healthy lives and develop a thirst and hunger to LEARN and be life-long learners.
More information on our curriculum can be found in the different year group sections on this website.