Godalming Junior School House System

"Our House Captains help support younger children" - Rose
The 4 houses are:
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Mars
  • Neptune
Each house is led by a House Captain and a Vice Captain that are elected at the beginning of the year.
The house representatives then collate house points each week and present them during our Celebration Assembly on Friday mornings. Points are awarded for excellent work, superb behaviour, outstanding teamwork and general kindness and politeness towards others.
They also organise and suggest house events with the help of the Mr Samson.
At GJS we are continuously striving to give children opportunities to represent their house and a feeling of belonging.
Our events this year will be:
Inter House Bleep Test 30.9.16
Inter House Godalming Premier League (Football) 7.10.16
Inter House Poetry Competition 20.1.17
Inter House Art Competition 24.3.17
Inter House 'Godalming-Got-Talent' - 30.6.17 - OPEN TO ALL!
Inter House Kwik Cricket Tournament - 7.7.17 TEAMS SELECTED!
"House Points help to drive us" - Jack