School Maths Calculation Policy

Introduction to the GJS Maths Calculation Policy. 


Maths at Godalming Junior School is taught with a mastery approach.  Children take part in daily Maths lessons which are planned to meet the needs of every child.  We use concrete resources (dienes or base 10 equipment, counters, cubes etc) as well as pictorial representations to explore new ideas and develop fluency in different areas of Maths.  “Number Talks” help the children orally practice and develop their fluency further.  Children are then supported to problem solve and use mathematical reasoning to explain or prove their answers. Our Calculation Policy ensures we consistently use the same representations as the children progress up the school and can be useful for parents who may not have encountered some of these ideas during their own time at school.   

As a school, we follow the White Rose scheme of learning.   


Please click below for the Maths Calculation Policy.